31 August 2017-Today’s News

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  1. 99% of demonetised notes returned, says RBI report :
  2. From cess to environmental mess : GST has replaced Clean Energy and Swachh Bharat levies. Unless nodal ministries are compensated, these schemes will suffer
  3. Marital rape a crime in many countries, an exception in many more : The grounds for “marital immunity” for rape prosecution were laid by Chief Justice Sir Matthew Hale in The History of the Pleas of the Crown, published in 1736. Poland first to make it a criminal offence in 1932.
  4. Rainbow of possibilities : The privacy judgment can be used to push for queer rights in spaces beyond the scrapping of Section 377
  5. BRICS off the wall : How India and China repair ties at the Xiamen summit will determine the future of BRICS itself
  6. Powering aspirational India : Much more investment is needed to increase the use of low-carbon energy sources
  7. Navy to get advanced choppers : Initiate steps to procure 123 Multi-Role, 111 Naval Utility Helicopters from abroad
  8. Govt. approves plan to deploy more troops on the frontline : 57,000 soldiers to be redeployed; 65 recommendations to be operationalised
  9. Religion At State Expense : SC verdict in the Gujarat shrines compensation case raises important questions.
  10. When it pours : Monsoon continues to be misunderstood, flood governance is still about ad hoc relief measures. This needs to change
  11. Giving Bhutan its due : In Doklam stand-off, the Himalayan kingdom once again came to the rescue of India’s interests, with costs to itself.
  12. Managing embankments : Involving the communities would help minimise themisery in flood-prone areas


  1. റോ​ഹി​ങ്ക്യ​ക​ളു​ടെ നി​ല​വി​ളി ആ​രു കേ​ൾ​ക്കു​ന്നു?