08 September 2017-Today’s News

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  1. Govt. issues norms for no-fly list :
  2. Army to induct women in military police :
  3. That thing called hate : Human beings can be conditioned to hate, without reason
  4. Vigil on vigilantes: on the Supreme Court’s reminder : The Supreme Court’s stern message about checking aggressive gau rakshaks is welcome
  5. Vigil on vigilantes: on the Supreme Court’s reminder : The Supreme Court’s stern message about checking aggressive gau rakshaks is welcome
  6. Social revolution in a JAM : Equality in the digital space is different from empowering Indians in the bricks-and-mortar world
  7. Demonetisation: now a proven failure? : If stamping out black money was the intention of the move, not even 0.01% of that has been extinguished
  8. All that Gauri Lankesh stood for : Her murder is an attempt to kill an idea
  9. Speaking in one voice : History holds hard lessons on repression and the commission of atrocities
  10. An India where knowledge is free : Let’s celebrate progress made by literacy programmes, learn from their success and failures, and chalk out ways to reach new learners
  11. Calling black white : There is a lot of pain, no visible gain, from demonetisation. No amount of spin can mask the fact that it has dented the economy
  12. Covering The Tracks : Last mile works for maintenance are essential for safe, fast rail travel
  13. Size of Contingency Fund: Where govt, RBI disagree : The issue was who would bear the cost. If the government did, it would add to its borrowings. If the RBI did it, its balance sheet would turn from surplus to deficit.
  14. The course of policy normalization : Low inflation, benign growth impulses, strengthening labour markets and easy financial market conditions provide a ‘Goldilocks scenario’ for central banks
  15. China’s shift to city-led growth : While the success of smaller cities is to be celebrated, it is China’s megacities where the greatest potential to fuel future progress in productivity lies
  16. The slow GDP growth in the first quarter is a warning signal : More attention needs to be paid to underlying weaknesses in the Indian economy rather than short-term phenomena like demonetisation and GST affecting GDP growth
  17. Building BRICS: thinking beyond national interest : The potential for coordination and cooperation among BRICS nations has not materialized yet because their relationship is characterized by rivalry
  18. Caution warranted for river-linking project : The many environmental concerns and massive price tag of the river-interlinking project may outweigh its projected benefits


  1. നോട്ട് നിരോധനം പലിശയിനത്തില്‍ അധികബാധ്യത വരുത്തി: രഘുറാം രാജന് :
  2. വിമാനത്തില്‍ വിലക്കുകള്‍ മൂന്നുതരം, പെരുമാറ്റം മോശമായാല്‍ ആജീവനാന്ത വിലക്ക് :
  3.  കാലാവസ്ഥാ മാറ്റം: നമുക്കും മാറാതെ വയ്യ :
  4. അ​ജ്​​ഞ​ത​യു​ടെ തു​രു​ത്തു​ക​ൾ ഇ​ല്ലാ​താ​ക​ണം…: ഇ​ന്ന് ലോക സാക്ഷതരാ ദിനം
  5. സ്​റ്റെൻറി​െൻറ വില നിയന്ത്രിച്ചിട്ടും ആൻജിയോപ്ലാസ്​റ്റിയു​െട ​െചലവ്​ കുറയുന്നില്ല :
  6. ​െഡങ്കിപ്പനി: ഒരു പാഠമാകണം നമുക്ക് :
  7. ഭീതി വിതച്ച് ‘ഇര്‍മ’ ഫ്ളോറിഡയിലേക്ക്; ജനങ്ങളെ ഒഴിപ്പിച്ചു :
  8. റോഹിംഗ്യ അഭയാർഥി ക്യാമ്പുകൾ :